One of the main ethical issues and guidelines that I would put into place if I were to create a social media policy is to require all employees and people working in the news room to do everything in their power to make sure that they do everything in their power to give themselves a good reputation.

This could mean many things.  For one it is being “politically correct.”  By this I mean saying things and wording things in ways that they will not offend anyone.  Another thing that would be required of all people using social media in my news room, is I would require them all to make sure that they type in complete sentences and use proper grammar.  Using proper grammar is one thing that people in a news room should do automatically, considering the profession they have and job they work.

Another rule that I would set into place is to require all workers using social media in a work related form do just that.  Everyone knows that social media can be a huge distraction from the real task at hand.  It is important to make sure that all of the people using social media in work environment use it for work purposes only.

For example, using things such as Facebook and Twitter for work purposes should mean you use them to inform people about what your organization is doing and keeping your audience and followers updated about what is going on in your organization, instead of speaking your mind about a variety of issues, some of which might have nothing to do with what is really important or what you’re supposed to really be doing.

Given the fact that I have set these rules, the only thing I could do is set an example for everyone else and follow the rules that I have set in place to the best of my abilities.  If I set these rules for others and did not follow them myself what kind of example would I be setting? The people that I would expect to follow these rules would see that I wasn’t following the rules that I expected them to follow.

I believe that these rules that I would put into place are necessary for the ethical practice of online journalism. When engaging in online journalism, it is important to be as ethical as possible and make sure that one is doing things in not only the right way, but in a way that is not frowned upon by those who see it.  The online world is one where almost anyone can have access to anything at any time.

For someone who operates in online journalism, it is important to make sure that the information you present to the public across the world doesn’t offend anyone or violate any social norms.  That is why setting rules in the news room for online journalism is important and those rules must be followed very strictly.