The online news story that I chose to write about for this blog post was found that I found on the New York Times website.  The article is entitled ‘Libyan Rebels March Toward Qaddafi Stronghold.’  The article is about the rebellion taking place in the African country of Libya.

In my opinion, this online news article is a strong one because of the fact that it is about a very important issue taking place in the world that people should be following and paying attention too.  The visual elements of this story ad an element of furthuring the information and giving the reader a broader sense of what is going on with the situation in Libya.  The photo gallery located on the left hand side of the new article shows the readers different photos telling different aspects of the story.  One of the pictures in the gallery also directs readers to another photo gallery showing photos from the beginning of the protests until the current state that they are in now.

It is my opinion that the story was told very effectively in the way and format that it is currently in in the link that I have provided above.  This example of this news story actually is one of the better ones that I have seen regarding this current issue in Libya.  Some of the other stories have multiple photos that go along with them, however, this is the only one that I have seen that links you to another photo gallery showing pictures from the course of the protests taking place, starting at the beginning and leading up to the most recent pictures taken.

For example, one of the pictures in the photo gallery, which contains 93 pictures, is the same picture that is used as the main picture of the article.  The picture shows a man wearing a form of camoflauge, holding what appears to be an AK-47 assault rifle.  The fact that this image shows a man, who doesn’t appear to be any form of police/law enforcement or government official and is allowed to walk the streets with a deadly weapon such as a gun used in military battle scares me.

Another picture in the photo gallery that helps portray the seriousness of the situation taking place in Libya is one that occurs a few pictures after the one I have previously mentioned.  This image shows three men standing on top of a military tank holding a large flag.  This picture shows to me the different sides of the story and how it is affecting the citizens of Libya.