Who is the editor in chief?

The editor in chief of the MSU Reporter is Nate Brennan.  Brennan graduated from Herrin High School in Southern Illinois.  After high school, Brennan moved to Minnesota to attend MSU.  Brennan says that while editor in chief of the Reporter, his goals include bringing readers entertaining features such as web-only video, audio and print content such as podcasts.  He also wants to tell stories of outstandind students, faculty, and alumni as well as establish a better relationship between MSU and the city of Mankato.

Editor Board 2010-2011

What is the MSU Reporter?

The MSU reporter is a student-ran newspaper that represents Minnesota State University, Mankato.  The MSU Reporter was originally titled the College Reporter and has been one of the big things on campus since 1928.

What is it?

When is it published?

Today, the reporter is published every Tuesday and Thursday.  An online version is also available during the academic year.

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Who is responsible for the MSU Reporter?

The paper is student-operated.  The Reporter provides the Mankato community with the area’s most complete source of campus news, sports and entertainment as well as state, national and world news.

Who is behind it?

How do I subscribed to the MSU Reporter?

The MSU Reporter is available to MSU students for free and is located in 12 locations across campus. The Reporter has a weekly circulation of 12,000 copies: 6,000 for Tuesday issue and 6,000 for Thursday issue.  For those that aren’t MSU students and don’t get the paper free, they can subscribe to the Reporter call (507) 389-1926. Subscriptions for the academic school year are $45.00 and subscribers will receive the paper within three to five days after publishing.

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