Minnesota food shelves face difficulties in keeping up with the high amount of hungry residents.


Since 2000, food shelf usage across the state of Minnesota has tripled to more than 3 million visits annually.

According to the Minnesota FoodShare campaign, food shelf visits in Minnesota increased by 25 percent between 2008 and 2009, the largest  in 28 years.   Food shelf usage also increased 14 percent on average across Minnesota in 2010.  Some food shelves in the Twin Cities saw as much as a 60 percent increase.

It is estimated that 14 percent, or about 723,000 Minnesotans, do not have enough food.

Beginning in 1982, the Minnesota FoodShare March Campaign aims to do all they can to help hungry Minnesotans.The annual campaign, has a goal of raising a combined 12 million dollars and pounds of food.

Once this goal of 12 million combined pounds and dollars is met, it will help restock food shelves across the state, including close to two dozen in Central Minnesota.

Several things, like food drives and monetary donations, can be done to help the situation improve.

Those participating in the Minnesota FoodShare program, report their totals once a week throughout the month of March, with final donation totals being due the first week of April.


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