Have you ever encountered a website on the Internet that seems rather sketchy or unusual? The answer to this question is probably “yes.” Thankfully, the website InterNIC is a tool that can help you find out a little bit more about a website and where it came from. I used the InterNIC site to help me find out a little about the Americans For Freedom Organization.

I used the InterNIC WhoIs website to find out a little bit more information about Americans For Freedom. Michael Pinson is the registrar, administrartor, as well as the tech person for this group. The website was created on July 8, 2008 and it was last updated on March 31, 2010. Because Michael Pinson seems to be the owner, you can contact him by phone or e-mail. There is also a postal address give which happens to be located in Florida. The IP Address that was used is D153242103-LROR. It appears that because Michael Pinson seems to be the only person running this group and/or website, that he would be the one to contact for any questions.

If I were yo use this site in the future, I would probably only use it if I were planning on making a website. I would want all of the information about myself and my website that appears on WhoIs to be as accurate as possible. This website was a good for me to look at because it taught me that you can use the internet to find anything. Even when websites were created as well as who they were created by and where they were created.