Being introduced to a content management system would be a very valuable experience because it opens one’s doors to something that they wouldn’t normally be exposed to. In my opinion, a content management system such a blog, is something that many people would not be exposed to on their own. To be honest, if it wasn’t for this class then there is a very good chance that I would have never had my own blog. I guess I shouldn’t say NEVER; maybe I should have said right now.

I have learned a lot about creating online content that I didn’t know previously. Everything that I have learned in this class thus far this semester has been new to me. I didn’t have a blog until this class and I had never been into Twitter until this class. Both prove to be good tools when wanting to put content on the Web that originates in one’s own mind.

I was originally asked to begin working with content management systems for this class because it is a very good skill to have. Working with these systems has exposed me to a skill that I otherwise would have never had.

The three applications in my chosen career in which I might use this skill are in regards to writing news releases, if I have my own blog when I am engaged in my career because it is something that my employer wants its employees to have, or if the possibility of me having my own blog to help me along in my job.

I still have a lot of information to learn about working with content management systems. I understand the concept and how to do the basics, but I am still learning as I am going. Content management systems, such as this blog and other sites like Twitter There are a lot of things that I can do when it comes to content management systems that I still am unsure of how to do or don’t know what it means. I will develop my skills in this area by continuing to blog and learning and teaching myself as I go along.